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USA Outback Outdoor Television has had the opportunity to hunt and fish with some fantastic guides and outfitters from all over the country. Here's a list of who we recommend for your next hunting and fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Basin Black Bear Outfitters- whitetail deer & Bear

TBarrz Outdoors- North American big game, turkey hunting, fishing

Basin Black Bear Outfitters/Kelly's Sporting Lodge - whitetail deer & Bear

El Halcon Lodge- Gould's turkey, waterfowl, Oscellated turkey

Balam Outfitters- hunt the Yucatan for oscellated turkey, cougar, deer

Le Domiane Shannon- freshwater fishing, black bear, deer , moose

Griffith Brothers Whitetail Ridge - trophy whitetail deer

James Creek Outfitters- waterfowl

Katmai Lodge- salmon fishing in Alaska

Hunting & Fishing World- mule deer, elk

Rocky Branch Outfitters- turkey hunting , trophy whitetail deer
Florida Bow Fishing- bowfishing for alligators, saltwater fishing


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