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USA Outback Outdoor Television prides itself in not just being an outdoor tv show but also your source for outdoors news and information. Here is where you will find links to the top outdoor television networks, outdoor radio shows, hunting and fishing magazines and  outdoors web news services.

  ESPN2                                                                    Fox Sports South                                            Outdoor Channel

  Pursuit                                                                   The Sportsman Channel

  Versus               Wild TV 


  Great American Outdoor Trails Radio

  Outdoor Talk Network


  American Hunter                                                      American Rifleman

  Bowhunter                                                                 Deer & Deer Hunting

  Field & Stream                                                           North American Hunter

  Outdoor Life                                                               Peterson's

  Sports Afield                                   

Internet Outdoors News Services
The Outdoor Wire                Ammoland       The Fishing Wire
The Hunting Wire           Indianapolis Hunting Column                              The Shooting Wire


Outback Magazine  Coming Soon! featuring the following topics:

  • Entertainment
  • Apparel/Accessories
  • Travel/Transportation
  • Home furnishings/Management
  • Food & nutrition
  • Culture
  • Business & industry
  • Sports/Recreation/Hobby
  • Outdoor Fitness
  • Outdoor Fashion
  • National Affairs

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