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Our #1 service- Promoting new hunting products

 and guides/outfitters

Promotions. USA Outback Outdoor TVknows how to promote products and services. We advertise in major publications and will  air USA Outback TV worldwide exclusively on our web site. We have an extensive and well established fan base from airing PA Outback and USA Outback Outdoor Television for eight years on the Outdoor Channel, the Men's Channel, and the Sportsman Channel as well as local and regional tv networks. We utilize all forms of media to give our sponsors their best return on Investment available- at the best price.
If you are a guide or outfitter, we can assemble an affordable promotional hunting or fishing video to be used at sportsmen trade shows or even for your clients to watch their own hunting or fishing trip on line on our web site.
You too can be a USA Outback approved outfitter !!
Email Denny at to include your business on our web site.

Our #2 service- press releases for new hunting and shooting accessories

Press releases and hard copy. Executive producer and host Denny Snyder is also an accomplished outdoor writer and has written articles for major publications such as Whitetail Hunting Strategies, Bowhunter, Pennsylvania Game News, and numerous regional and local publications. Working as public relations and marketing specialist for over 12 years with Walker's Game Ear, Denny has written dozens of press releases promoting the WGE line of products and has been published in most major shooting magazines. Denny also writes the Indianapolis hunting column for the on line newspaper

Our #3 service- on line hunting and fishing videos

Commercials/Infomercials. We can assist your company from the initial concept of your commercial through creation of informative and eye-catching on line video spots and placement in the best markets for your product(s).

Other services available at USA Outback TV:

  • Seminars.
  • Pro-staff services.
  • Outdoor Videographer services.
  • Event coverage.
  • Consulting services.
  • Video archives- you need a particular shot? How about a mako shark jumping out of the water- or maybe a trophy buck making a scrape- or mounting a doe? We just might have the perfect shot for your advertising needs sitting on the shelf.
Advertising space for as low as $20 per month on our web site.
Please call us at 317-502-7942 for additional information and specials on all services.


Outback Magazine  Coming Soon! featuring the following topics:

  • Entertainment
  • Apparel/Accessories
  • Travel/Transportation
  • Home furnishings/Management
  • Food & nutrition
  • Culture
  • Business & industry
  • Sports/Recreation/Hobby
  • Outdoor Fitness
  • Outdoor Fashion
  • National Affairs

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